Sunday, 9 May 2010

Welcome to my Blog!

I don't know where to start, or how to start, but I do know I'm totally fascinated with the idea of using blogs in the classroom!
I'm attending an online course at the moment called "Widen your classroom with blogs" and, as I'm quite new in the subject, this very first post looks like an experiment! I'm feeling like a child with a new toy, you know, opening and closing doors of this new car, oops, I've just broken a piece of it, but, never mind, I'm experimenting, I'm learning ... and learning by making mistakes too.
Anyway, I'm sure (I hope!) I'll be able to use blogs in my classes in the (near?) future, and then all the theory will be put into practice :-) It sounds really good to me! It's a big challenge.
I'd also like to thank the trainers. Besides being excellent teachers and with years of experience, they are also very generous. Thank you very much indeed, Jennifer and Illya.


  1. Thank you, Carla, for your kind words!
    I love your metaphor, and the great thing about blogging here is that you can't break anything, you can only learn from playing around.

    Please keep your enthusiasm, and I look forward to seeing more here on this blog!

  2. Hi Carla,

    I feel the same way and feel that the best way for me to get into this is to just experiment with the sites. I believe that blogs could be a good tool in the classroom with many different levels but also that it would become very time consuming to be in charge of such a blog and correct, read, comment... with a class full of students. Do you have any experience with a class of 16 or more?

  3. I'm having a great time experimenting! Eventually I will have to come up with a plan on how I will implement all this with my classes.I love the idea of giving my students a place to help them find an easy English access to the Net.I'm ne w at teaching and new at blogging but , heh, you're never to old to learn. Have you checked out widgets? Now that's fun!

  4. In reply to debking - I agree, a blog can be at the very least a way for a teacher to help a language learner navigate all the ELT 'stuff' on the web. A lot of it is excellent, but as we all know some of it is not...

  5. John, you are right that there is much out there which is unnecessary babble at the best. This is one of the reasons why it is so useful to have a network that you can trust. By sharing best sites we all profit from the outcome.

  6. Hi people, thank you very much for all your comments, it's the one thing I really like about blogs, the way people can interact and how much you can learn from other trainers' own experiences, I think this is also part of the process of learning by experimenting :-)

  7. Carla, this is a great example of how comments can turn into a kind of discussion. It's always good to go back to the comments you've written and see how they develop. I use cocomments for that (see my blog entry: )

  8. hi illya
    thank you very much for your tip :-)