Monday, 31 May 2010

It's a thank you post and till next time!

The "Widen your classroom with blogs" course came to an end, and I really want to thank the trainers for all their knowledge and for showing us how to start working with blogs in our classes.
It was a very nice group and I hope to continue keeping in touch with some of my virtual classmates :-)
I'll no longer be using this blog, as it was only created for the course, but I'll keep it active for a while.
I've already started working on my Business English blog, the field I'm most interested in, though I know it's just a sample blog and won't be the definite one (or at least, the one I intend to use with my students), it's just for the sake of keeping practising and experimenting in a real context, the business context.
This is just the beginning of a long, but very rewarding and challeging way. I feel good!

Friday, 28 May 2010

Isn't it just incredible ...

that I keep adding widgets? :-) Now that I'm totally into it I hope it won't turn into an obsession lol.
Anyway, I'm proud of my recent achievements, but still veeeeeeeery frustrated with the tagging thing, I haven't gotten it yet :(
I'll keep trying, it has to work in the end!!!!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Little by little ...

Yes, I've just added a widget! And I'm so happy! It's not soooooooooo difficult but it takes time and you have to be patient, probably what I'm not :(
Thanks Jennifer for your help!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Meme Game

Now it`s my turn, I hope I can do it right :-)
Three things (most) people don't know about me ...

1) Although I've been living in Europe for the past 10 years, I still feel myself a 100% Argentinian. I believe it's quite a positive fact as far as teaching goes because my students can profit from this and, somehow, interact with a different culture (either in an English or Spanish class).
2) I'm trying to teach English to my 4 year-old son, but it's easier said than done :(
3) I had some very interesting talks with my bosses this week about introducing blogs in some of our classes!!! WOW

So, you're invited now to join the game. Welcome to the meme Game silvina, dan, marudiaz

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Welcome to my Blog!

I don't know where to start, or how to start, but I do know I'm totally fascinated with the idea of using blogs in the classroom!
I'm attending an online course at the moment called "Widen your classroom with blogs" and, as I'm quite new in the subject, this very first post looks like an experiment! I'm feeling like a child with a new toy, you know, opening and closing doors of this new car, oops, I've just broken a piece of it, but, never mind, I'm experimenting, I'm learning ... and learning by making mistakes too.
Anyway, I'm sure (I hope!) I'll be able to use blogs in my classes in the (near?) future, and then all the theory will be put into practice :-) It sounds really good to me! It's a big challenge.
I'd also like to thank the trainers. Besides being excellent teachers and with years of experience, they are also very generous. Thank you very much indeed, Jennifer and Illya.